300 HP Siemens Robicon, Gen IV, Perfect Harmony, 2300/4160V, NEW (2)

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Product Description

Perfect Harmony VFD Standard Components and Features

  • NEMA 1/IP21 force ventilated enclosure with gasketed doors and filter media mounted to the air inlets
  • Distribution class surge arrestors
  • Modular, trouble-free power cell design
  • Door mounted E-stop and customer interface keypad/display
  • Sleeve type wire marker tags applied to power and control wiring
  • Input isolation 4-20 mA speed follower
  • Short circuit and ground fault protection
  • User selectable automatic restart capability and catch spinning load restart capability
  • Critical speed avoidance circuitry (3 programmable skip speeds)
  • User configurable digital meters for indication of speed, A, V, kW, kW hours, and elapsed run time
  • Report trending of parameters and fault log with first out indication and time/date stamp
  • Diagnostic log pinpointing problem area and recourse
  • Output frequency 0-60 Hz (constant torque), 61-120 Hz (constant horsepower)
  • Acceleration/deceleration 0.5-3200 seconds (load dependent)
  • Cells receive commands and return status information via fiber optic cables
  • Motor friendly PWM output eliminates VFD induced torque pulsations and associated torsional analysis
  • Sinusoidal output eliminates harmonic motor heating and can be used with a standard AC induction motor without de-rating
  • Electronic motor and VFD overload protection
  • Common mode voltage protection allows the use of a standard motor eliminating the need for special high voltage insulation
  • Motor inherently protected from high voltage dV/dT stress for cable distances < 2km

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Manageable: Air-cooled design in smaller footprint
  • Reliable: Clean power output (meets IEEE-519)
  • Available: 0.95 power factor throughout speed range
  • Compatible: Near-perfect sinusoidal output allows retrofit to existing motors
  • Versatile: Can be applied to induction, synchronous and wound rotor motors
  • Controllable: Windows-based control drive tool syncs up Siemens ToolSuiteTM software
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