An Update on our Newest Building

Hello Friends,

We hope that you’re doing well and have been safe and healthy since our last update! These past few months have been as busy as ever at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company, and we wanted to update you on some new developments.

Recently, we’ve completed construction on our 12,000 square foot facility that will exclusively house brand new GE and Siemens AC and DC motors. Thanks to our growing partnerships with both companies, this building will be stocked with hundreds of motors by the end of the month. The addition of this newest building increases our total under-roof warehouse capacity to nearly 80,000 square feet. With more space to house new motors, we are now more prepared than ever to serve the needs of our clients.

Expanding Our Inventory

Because we now have the space to accommodate more products, we have expanded our new motor inventory by 30% over the last six months. This increase has come despite a number of issues that have been plaguing all manner of businesses around the globe. US inflation to consumer prices has increased 6.2% over this time last year, more than the projected 5.8%, due partially to increased prices for energy, labor costs, and freight costs. Likewise, the continuing shortage of copper which we discussed in our last newsletter (which is a major component of electric motors due to its high electrical conductivity) has caused a spike in the price per pound of the raw resource. However, despite these economical shortcomings, we are proud to say that new products are arriving monthly at our warehouse. You can always count on us to have new AC motors up to 6000 HP, new DC motors up to 700 HP, and new vertical motors up to 700 HP. These products are in stock and ready to ship for our clients around the globe! With prices expected to increase over the coming years, we are advising our customers that there’s no better time to buy than now.

Shining the Spotlight on Our Employees

Since we are approaching the end of the year, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a few of our valued employees and their contributions to East Coast Electrical Equipment Company:

This year marks the 36th anniversary of our longest active employee, Len Boykin! After graduating from NC State University in 1984, Len joined our company in 1985 and has been an integral member of the East Coast Electrical Equipment team ever since. Len serves as our most senior sales engineer and is a tremendous asset to our company. Our customers benefit from Len’s knowledge regularly, as he handles increasingly complex new and used motor applications and sales. We are certainly grateful for Len as he continues to improve our business every single day.

2021 also saw the induction of a new member of the East Coast team, Edward Pearce, III. Edward joined the company this year as our New Motor Coordinator. He has quickly become a valuable part of our team by focusing his strategy and efforts on factory orders directly from GE and Siemens. With the growing influx of new electric motor inventory here within our warehouses, as well as the daily increase of requests from our customers, Edward has been very busy maintaining our new motor inventory levels, as well as producing new sales for AC, DC, and Vertical motors. Though he is new to our staff, Edward is not new to the electric motor industry. As a third-generation family member in the electric motor business, he follows in the footsteps of his late grandfather, Edward Pearce, Sr., and his late father, Ed Pearce, Jr.

This spotlight would not be complete without the mention of Tim Pearce’s retirement from East Coast Electrical Equipment in September. After graduating from NC State University in 1980, Tim began working full-time in the motor business alongside his father, Ed Sr., and brothers, Mike (our current President) and Ed Jr.. After 41 years in the industry, Tim found another calling. In 2021, he became ordained as a Baptist minister and is currently working on a Master of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry from Campbell University Divinity School. We are incredibly proud of Tim and know that he will do great things on his new journey. We wish him the very best of luck!

Moving Forward

Finally, East Coast Electrical Equipment is pleased to announce our sponsorship and exhibition in three upcoming industry conventions:

January 26-28 – PowerGen in Dallas, TX

Feb 28 – Mar 3 – Mine Expo in Las Vegas, NV

June 26-28 – EASA 2022 Convention in St. Louis, MO

We hope to see you out at one or all of these events. Please stop by our booth and say hello! Reach out to us today with any questions or to learn more about our ever-increasing inventory of new and used electric motors from the most respected brands in the industry.