New Siemens Variable Frequency Drives

East Coast Electrical Equipment Co. is now an authorized Siemens/Robicon medium voltage VFD stocking distributor!

We have in our stock new Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony VFD’s at 140 and 260 amps rated for either 2300 or 4160 volts. These drives cover from 200 hp to 2,000 hp.

Perfect Harmony VFD

  • These drives are your perfect solution to retrofit your existing motor to operate with a vfd as these drives will work with any motor regardless of age or brand.
  • No shaft grounding brushes or insulated bearings are required.
  • This avoids expensive motor modifications or the need for a new motor.

NEW Siemens VFD Drives

Perfect Harmony GenIV Air-Cooled drives

The Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony GenIV Air-Cooled drives from Siemens are designed to provide versatility, efficiency, and process availability.

Features and Benefits

  • Near perfect sinusoidal output allows retrofit to existing motors without the use of an output filter.
  • Multi-level PWM technology means no special motor is required.
  • Reliable air-cooled design.
  • Clean power input (meets IEEE-519).
  • 0.95 power factor throughout speed range.
  • Can be applied to induction, synchronous, and wound rotor motors.

Safety Features

  • Short circuit and ground fault protection.
  • Over-current, over-and under-voltage protection.
  • Loss of line voltage protection.
  • Over-temperature protection (VFD and motor).
  • Over-speed and stall protection (Motor).
  • Monitoring of cooling circuit.
  • Self-diagnosis of control and power cell.

Click Here to download PDF of a short overview of the Siemens/Robicon Perfect Harmony GenIV.

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