Choose Fully-Checked Used Electric Motors from East Coast Electrical Equipment Co.

At East Coast Electrical Equipment Company we not only offer the largest inventory of electric motors in the country- we can also provide our clients with economical used electric motors service they can count on. No matter the specific type of electric motor needed, with our used electric motor service you can look forward to the most efficient, electrically-OK used motor needed to power your factory.


We at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company do all we can to ensure our clients receive the quality electric motors they need at the most competitive prices possible. So when it comes to used electric motors, our clients can expect electric motors which are fully checked to exceed EASA “EOK” qualifications. While competitors may only provide meggar testing and shipment, we go above and beyond in ensuring that our clients receive the most efficient high quality used electric motor possible at the best pricing possible.

Apart from delivering top-quality used electric motors at the most competitive pricing, we at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company also provide some of the highest quality customer service possible. To learn more about our electrically-OK used motor solutions, simply browse through our website, where you can also learn more about our other electric motor solutions. If you have any questions or need a quote, please contact us today at 888-560-8122 or fill out the contact form found on our website.