February 2021 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

We hope you’ve had a smooth start to this year, so far. As we navigate the tail end of wintertime and look forward to the future, we hope you’ve not lost sight of all there is to appreciate about being present during this time in history and the many ways our society is learning and growing from all that we’ve been through. We have achieved so much and if the past is any indication, we will get to the other side of these current challenges we face as a stronger and more unified people. A lot may have changed over the past year, but there are many things we can all still rely on: the resilience of the human spirit, the synchronous ebbs and flows of nature, the marvels that have been produced by human ingenuity, and the reliability of a quality-made product. 

Among the many feats we as humans have achieved, we believe the high-level engineering found in industrial motors is one of the bright spots. Consider all of the remarkable ways electric motors have advanced our society over the past hundred years. AC motors alone have given us the ability to make air conditioners, irrigation pumps, transportation equipment, and conveyor systems. Just think of all the ways your life is bettered by those innovations! AC motors are used for a wide range of applications due to their flexibility, efficiency, and operation. 

We at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company have an extensive selection of new and rebuilt AC motors. In fact, we’re the largest stocking distributor in the nation for AC Medium Voltage motors by GE, as well as the exclusive DC motor stocking distributor for GE, a company that has been setting the standard in manufacturing rotating machines for over 125 years. Not only does GE offer quality workmanship but they have the most competitive prices in the large AC and DC motor industry.  GE has manufactured motors and generators for some of the first commercial and industrial electrical applications and they continue to deliver innovative electrical and mechanical power solutions to the world. Their versatile and robust designs are ideal for a wide range of challenging industrial environments and applications. GE has one of the largest capacities for full load testing and every machine is tested in their global state-of-the-art facilities to exacting requirements. Some other benefits of choosing this trusted brand for your AC motors include their high-quality design, high efficiency, low starting current, leading power factor, and improved electrical system reliability. All GE rotors are carefully balanced to comply with standards requirements, and because of their efficiency, customers of GE AC motors enjoy operating cost savings as well as a better overall starting capability which reduces the starting equipment cost. Additionally, with GE AC motors, you’ll see reduced utility penalties associated with lagging power factor and reduced current pulsations for non-steady loads.

Our extensive inventory of new GE AC Medium Voltage motors ranges from 200-5,000 HP and 900-3600 RPM. If you happen to need a DC motor, we also carry a stock from 5-700 HP in New GE DC motors. We enjoyed a record year of incredible growth with our GE products last year, and are also incredibly proud to stand behind this world-class brand.

We also enjoyed a record year of incredible growth with our Siemens products last year, and are also incredibly proud to stand behind this world-class brand. Siemens industrial electric motors provide an optimum solution for every application, are backed by 150 years of experience, and are unrivaled when it comes to reliability and performance. 

Whether you’re in the market for the incredible value offered by GE or the incomparable quality of Siemens products, East Coast Electrical Equipment Company is your one-stop solution for AC Medium Voltage electric motors. We believe in the power of our products and in the intentions our customers have when they make an electric motor purchase. We hope you’ll think of us as you work towards building a brighter future for the world.

You can view our inventory of new GE AC motors here
You can view our inventory of new Siemens AC motors here.

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