Find Used Electric Motors that Exceed EASA “EOK” Qualifications

At East Coast Electrical Equipment Company we are committed to offering the largest inventory of the highest quality AC and DC electric motors available anywhere- and this also includes the used electric motors we proudly offer. Although we’re known for providing high quality new electric motors, we’re also the preferred supplier of fully-checked electrically OK used electric motors.


It’s good to know that all electric motors in used, as removed from service condition without warranty are fully disassembled and tested to be in electronically OK condition. It’s common to find used electric motor suppliers that are only meggar tested before they are shipped, but at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company we can also be counted on to fully check our used electric motors to ensure that they exceed EASA “EOK” qualifications. Within our website, we provide our ECEE EOK testing procedures for AC squirrel cage/ AC slip ring (wound rotor), AC Synchronous, and DC motors.

If you’re interested in an economical electric motor option, then you’ll undoubtedly encounter the precise electrically OK used electric motor you need when you turn to East Coast Electrical Equipment Company. Feel free to browse through our website to learn more about the high quality EOK electric motors we offer and our used electric motors testing procedures. If you have an inquiry or would like a quote, then please contact us directly by phone at 888-560-8122 or through the simple contact form found on our website.