Finding the Right AC Wound Rotor (Slip Ring) Electric Motor Is Now Easier with

We at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company are always interested in helping our clients as much as possible. This also includes making it as easy as possible for anyone to seek and find the appropriate AC Wound Rotor (Slip Ring) electric motor. Within our East Coast Electrical Equipment website,, visitors can easily search through and locate the specific AC wound rotor electric motor needed to power their businesses.

DSC01835If you’re searching for a specific reliable AC Wound Rotor (Slip Ring) electric motor, then your best bet in finding the precise electric motor required and at the right pricing is by taking a look at all we offer here at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company. We’ve set up our website in such a way that it’s simple to search through the various electric motors we proudly offer. Simply click on the ‘AC Slip Ring/Wound Rotor Motors’ link within the ‘View Inventory’ tab on the toolbar, and you can browse through the various AC Wound Rotor electric motors we have available in inventory. If there’s an electric motor you need which is currently out of stock, then you can be sure that we’ll have the electric motor ordered ASAP and delivered without delay.

Search for the right AC Wound Rotor electric motor your business needs today within If you’d like a quote, then you can fill out the quote form on our website or feel free to give us a call today at 888-560-8122.