No Matter the Need or Specs, You can rely on us for Quality Rebuilt Electric Motors

Since 1968 we at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company have steadily climbed the rankings for most reliable electric motor and equipment supplier along with the title of ‘supplier with the largest electric motor inventory in the US’. But we also excel in providing our range of customers with the highest quality rebuilt electric motors in the industry. No matter your specific needs, we can be counted on to deliver rebuilt electric motor service which is simply second to none.

At East Coast Electrical Equipment Company we are committed to delivering the highest quality possible no matter the solution. So when it comes to remanufacturing electric motors you can trust that we’ll ensure the entire rebuilding process is done with highest quality possible throughout each and every stage. We’ll analyze your specific requirements, select the correct piece of equipment from our massive inventory, and then proceed to disassemble and remanufacture to meet the industry’s highest standards.

No matter your specific electric equipment needs or application requirements, you can trust in East Coast Electrical Equipment Company for the highest quality rebuilt electric motor solutions available. To learn more about our remanufacturing process or for information regarding our other high quality equipment solutions, simply browse through our website, If you have any questions or need assistance, then please contact us at 888-560-8122. We’re available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.