October 2020 Newsletter

Fall has finally arrived in what has certainly been the most unpredictable year we’ve ever experienced as a business. Our hearts go out to our clients, customers, and the many other businesses who have had to navigate an unprecedented number of challenges throughout this year so far. Though we, ourselves, have been surprised by many of the changes sprung upon us, we have looked for the opportunities presented by these changes as a way to improve, evolve, and adapt. Ingenuity and an eye to the future are built into the business of electric motors, after all. So, we at East Coast Electrical Equipment Company have taken this year and its challenges to learn about where we can improve in our own efficiencies and for the benefit of our customers.  We’ve worked on updating and upgrading the way we run our business in order to provide you, our customers, with an even better and more seamless purchasing experience. We’ve done this by modernizing our technology and implementing tools like an internet-based phone system, cloud-based data storage, and continual improvement to our website’s user experience. These improvements have proven to be incredibly effective in streamlining our operations and we’ve enjoyed hearing the feedback from our customers who have taken notice. It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks! Alongside these new efficiencies, we’re still offering the same personalized service you can only find from a family-owned business. We’re still picking up the phone and assisting customers directly from our headquarters in Youngsville, NC. The days of old are gone, but we can take what we’ve learned from our 52 years of service to our customers and move forward.

Along with our recent technological advances, another highlight of the year has been a recent development with one of our top brands. East Coast Electrical Equipment Company is proud to announce a partnership with General Electric Industrial Motors, a Wolong Company, (GEIM) as the exclusive stocking point for their DC motors. This mutually beneficial relationship has developed over the course of a 20-year relationship and GEIMs’ recognition of our exceptional ability to sell their products. We are currently the largest AC medium voltage stocking distributor of GE Industrial Motors (GEIM) in North America, and we are proud to add this new honor of being their exclusive DC distributor to our credentials. They’ve even featured us on their website as their authorized motor distributor!

“East Coast Electrical Equipment Company is an outstanding partner to the GEIM team. Their knowledge, ingenuity, and integrity allow us to serve our customers quickly. They are our largest medium voltage stocking distributor, and we are very proud that we are expanding our partnership into DC Motors, which will allow us to build an even better world that works!” – Jim Kvas, National Sales Manager at GEIM.

GEIM makes a high-quality product and offers superior service to their customers. Furthermore, they not only consider our needs and market knowledge as a distributor, they also listen to what our customers are saying and implement that feedback in their manufacturing and design. They take a genuine interest in what our customers are after, from features to price, to speed— and we must say, the swiftness of their lead times is unsurpassed. It’s our shared commitment to quality and service that makes this relationship such a natural fit. We look forward to all of the benefits that this partnership will offer our current and future customers. Like General Electric’s newly-coined slogan says, together “we’ll keep building a world that works.”

You can view the inventory of our GEIM new DC motors here

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