2250 HP, 900 RPM, G.E., FRAME 8411EZ, BBWPII, 2300/4000V, NEW

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Shaft Diameter and BA +N-W (26.75″) match Siemens 8010 & 8011 Frames;

Copper Bar Rotor

•24/30 Month Warranty

•Air Filters – Galvanized steel

•Air Pressure Differential Switch – Provisions only for air pressure differential switch

•Bearing Insulation – Insulated ODE bearing

•Bearing Temperature Detector – Single Element RTD (Pt-100 Ohms) – Qty: 1 per bearing

•C5 steel stator

•Guard Screens – Stainless steel

•Space Heater – 120V/240V

•Stator Temperature Detector – Single Element RTD (Pt-100 Ohms); 2 per phase – Qty: 6

•Hazardous Location: Class I, Div 2, Gas Group B, C, D, Temperature T3 Mechanical Protection Non-Sparking

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